Monica Feldman

Consumer Health Strategy Inc was founded by Monica Feldman, a visionary and expert in the field of Consumer Health and Consumer Product Goods (CPG) with more than 25 years experience helping brands, companies, and organizations grow their presence, revenue, and outreach in their field.

Monica feels passionate about self-care and how it impacts every single minute of our life. After working for several years serving CPG industries, biotech, and digital health, she figured out that the state of health of a consumer is a major determinant on business strategy from the decision of purchasing a product or a service to embracing life as whole.

The passion

Connecting the dots of health on the daily lives of people and monetizing them is her passion:

  • Linking socioeconomic factors using taxonomy to build powerful storytelling business models from data and market insights
  • Envisioning the future from what we have today
  • Building synergistic business models that combine two or more industries
  • Scouting and helping grow the most innovative emerging brands and products that will have a significant impact on the future of consumer health
  • Helping clients generate new sources of revenue
  • Disrupting the status quo
  • Avoiding the herd

Mapping growth and forecast opportunities

Brand Strategy: Brand voice, story telling, messaging and positioning, consumer journey mapping.

Competitive Intelligence: Consumer insights, market intelligence, consumer research, survey creation, statistical analysis.

Product Development: Commercialization strategy – product or service roadmap, launch, testing, and management.

Leadership: Contract negotiation, collaboration, creative thinking, performance management, mentoring & coaching.

Results: Year-on-year growth, intuitive connection to consumers, omnichannel funnels boost, creation of new consumer categories.

There are no limits in creative thinking and the search for business models and innovation that will further the health of people. Join Monica in this journey!

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