Knowledge Leading to Innovation

It is ultimately the perception of value and promise that moves a consumer, customer, or end user to purchase a brand, product, or service. More often than not, many decision makers may miss important cues when looking at the market from the bottom up.

“We thought we knew what people want… But we realized we were wrong when our market performance did not meet expectations!”

The merging of the leadership top view with the consumer bottom up view leads to optimal points of knowledge, which in turn can be used by companies and organizations as a competitive advantage to succeed in the marketplace.

Ideation on what is next

We project trends and industry developments by challenging their feasibility and applicability in the real world while looking ahead. We test trends and from that we build realistic expectations about the potential success of a brand, product, or service. All with the goal to help companies and organizations achieve a positive financial impact on go-to-market strategies.

Network the wants of today with the needs of the future

We connect companies and innovators with domestic and global partners to build synergies, promote mutual growth, and generate new sources of revenue. We identify potential candidates for market expansion.

Examples of our work

  • Representation and provision of advisory services for a leading international consulting firm in the industry of Consumer Health.
  • Market valuation to help a leading global CPG company assess the potential launch of a product line targeting a common chronic disease.
  • Ideation and feasibility study for a novel concept of longevity clinics.
  • Market review and go-to-market strategy for a disruptive nutritional program based on the concept of fasting.
  • Ideation, development, and launch of business engagement platforms:
    • Business relationship program for micro and small business
    • Online platform as community builder related to consumer well-being
  • Capital fundraising and network of trusted relationships for startups in emerging technologies.
  • Advisory services on specialty areas such as personalized nutrition, longevity, and the microbiome.
  • Market and licensing valuation for a novel drug targeting an unmet medical need.
  • Keynote and public speaking engagements at major B2B events
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